Bandleading 101
As Director of the Airmen of Note, I have been forced to thoroughly organize my thoughts and intentions around this critical body of knowledge.  Here are some main points of my approach. 
A Chromatic/Intervalic Approach to Trombone Technique and Intonation
With everything else you have to worry about while playing trombone, now some arranger or composer has you trying to play in the key of F sharp!  Ever wonder how the great players function just as well in every single key?  It's because they approach technique by translating music into a series of intervals rather than a series of notes.  Caution: this is some heavy &$^%...
The Musician's Best Friend: YOGA
Aside from saving my career and changing my life, this article explains what, in my view, yoga does, how it is extraordinarily beneficial to the working musician, and how it profoundly differs from body therapies like chiropractic, massage and acupuncture.
Developing Endurance
Two kinds - the short term kind that comes into play after a really intense, extended chart or passage with no rest, and the medium-term kind that manifests as fatigue after a long set/gig/day.  Ask yourself before reading this: do you think I'm going to say that good endurance comes from physical strength, or efficient and strong air usage?  Anyone see a trend here?
Articulating Cold
A common situation - a trombonist is poised for an exposed entrance wherein they have to play a medium-upper or upper register note loud, clean, with authority and great sound.  Sound familiar?  Let's break down the proper mechanics of what needs to occur in situations such as this - by the numbers...
Learning Jazz Trombone - It's All In the Ears!
What's the common denominator of the world's greatest jazz musicians?  It's that they have spent at least as much time in their lives listening as they have playing.  Read this to get some good ideas on places to find good listening, and how to integrate what you're hearing in your own playing.
The Legato Trombone
A primer on using and developing the ear as our guide and teacher for legato trombone concept, as well as a look at legato trombone technique.
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Trombonists
A look at the habits and behaviors that more or less form the common denominator for trombonists I've known who have learned how to move through the obstacles and barriers to lifelong improvement.
The "OUT, NOT UP" Gateway to Air-Based Playing
In this exercise we recapitulate the fundamentals of air management, as taught by my late, great teacher, Don "Jake" Jacoby.
Developing the Upper Register
Playing with security and endurance in the upper register is 20% physical, 80% mental.  Don't believe it?  Then try the techniques in this article.



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